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Logo is a Parisian duo that grew up during the 90s’. They are employees of French label Kitsuné and are producing (mostly) electronic music. Wrapped in a hazy, ill-defined and cynical pro-consumerism concept, Logo is the band playing in the club of the sinking Titanic in the seapunk remake of movie.

They are also one of the most exciting artists from the French electro scene. They’ve made a name for themselves by playing exclusively live, and have
travelled from Melbourne to London through Tokyo or Berlin where their mix of blitzkrieg techno, radiant coldwave, and italo-disco have left crowds all
sweaty and happy. No wonder famous DJs such as Boys Noize, Agoria, Busy P or Carl Cox (to name but a few) have playlisted most of their releases or

After the release of their first EP “La Vie Moderne” in 2010, Logo have kept busy composing, starting new collaborations with two of the coolest Swedish girls Icona Pop and touring all around France and Europe, notably with the Kitsuné Club Night roaster ! Showing a variety of sounds and influences, Logo’s 2nd EP « Merit », helped define their classy sound and aesthetics and has proved once again that the French still had that particular touch! “Hello.jpg” (featured on this EP) was also one of the outstanding tracks of the first Kitsuné Parisien compilation.

Then came “Jacob and Fabrice”, their 3rd EP, a 100% dancefloor oriented release which became an instant double-classic, receiving praises from both the underground and mainstream DJs.

Promptly after, Logo released “Give Mo Luv” featuring the legendary eLBee BaD, pioneer and self-proclaimed prince of Dance Music whos unique vocals added a pinch of sensuality to the Logo recipe. As usual, the remixes were striking: Boston Bun, Matthias Zimmerman and Aashton & Swift.

Last but not least, their 5th EP, “Cardiocleptomania” was released in April 2013. Mixing convulsive piano and sub-bass, Logo are paying hommage to both EBM and garage house.

They are currently working on their first album.
Stay tuned.

French version

Logo est un duo parisien de musique electronique qui a grandi dans les 90’s.

Derrière une identité et un concept fumeux visant à incarner l’abandon cynique à tous les codes du consumérisme pop, Logo est aussi le groupe qui joue dans la discothèque du Titanic en train de couler (dans le remake seapunk du célèbre film).

Mais Logo est surtout l’une des formations les plus excitantes de la scène electro française. Première signature artiste de Kitsuné dans ce genre, le duo a la particularité de se produire quasi exclusivement en live, trainant ses synthés et controlers de Melbourne à Londres en passant par Tokyo ou Berlin où leur mélange de techno blitzkrieg, coldwave épanouie, house fédératriste et italo-disco exo-futuriste séduit, excite et fait littéralement suer. On les retrouve d’ailleurs régulièrement playlistés par les plus gros DJ mondiaux, de Carl Cox à Boys Noize en passant par Busy P ou Agoria.

Coté discographique, le groupe affiche 4 EP au compteur, 3 clips : La Vie Moderne, Fabrice et Cardiocleptomania, realisés respectivement par AB/CD/CD et les très remarqués Alice et Virgile (x2) ainsi qu’un featuring improbable avec eLBee BaD, la voix la plus (oc)culte de la techno US (google him!). On leur doit aussi une belle liste de remixes pour Two Door Cinema Club, Para One, Yelle ou encore Mark Ronson.

Cardiocleptomania est donc leur 5eme EP, témoignage d’amour pour l’Electronic Body Music sur fond de piano convulsif et sub-bass gluante. Ou comment faire saigner votre cœur et votre nez en même temps.

Le duo travaille actuellement à son premier album.


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